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California Sun

Is a moment enough to change you and set free your wild dreams, Can simple seconds of laughter take you to new extremes? Is there a time limit on excitement? Can love really wait its turn, Is it possible to experience without ever having to learn? Can you set apart your differences for long enough to share, Open your […]

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Seek experiences, spend your hours dreaming, and enjoy your surroundings.

Ever since we were little, we have been learning the value of a dollar. Save your money, work hard for your money, earn your money. As we get older, there is this incessant desire for more. We eagerly await payday, take on extra jobs, and spend hours a day wondering how to make more money. […]

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Life’s simple things

What is Darkness without light? What is hot without cold? What is fast without slow? It’s the contrast between things that truly make life worth living. If you never fail, How will you know when you succeed? If you never feel pain, How will you truly know pleasure? In Alberta we are blessed with four […]

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F a c e b o o k