Seek experiences, spend your hours dreaming, and enjoy your surroundings.

Ever since we were little, we have been learning the value of a dollar. Save your money, work hard for your money, earn your money. As we get older, there is this incessant desire for more. We eagerly await payday, take on extra jobs, and spend hours a day wondering how to make more money.

Something you don’t hear often is, forget about money. Those who are truly happy, don’t have everything, but they make the best out of everything they have. They spend their days seeking out experiences, they fill their hours dreaming, and they focus their energy on enjoying their surroundings.

As I was hiking in Canmore today, I noticed something that got me thinking. Why is it, that in a city where we spend most of our time, we regularly pass by strangers, but ignore their presence.

However, every person I passed while hiking today, kindly said hello and genuinely asked me how my day was. Imagine a world where people would take the time to acknowledge one another’s existence and reach out for a simple smile from a stranger. Imagine a place, where instead of being so consumed with yourself, you actually were able to connect with someone else. Imagine that instead of walking by a stranger silently unheard, you were able to make someone smile, with just a few simple words. Today, I experienced the selfless act of small conversation and I realized what a difference it can make. Thank you, to the many people who took the time to make me smile and ask “How I was” today.

Jen Williams - October 3, 2010 - 12:28 am

You really never know who you will meet, its always worth it to acknowledge the beauty that surrounds you, both in human and inanimate form. Beautiful photos Dylan.

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