“To know love is to see love”

Meet Cody and Kelly. Cody has been a friend of mine since grade 6 and along side him his beautiful wife Kelly. Together they have a son named Tripp, a dog Yuri and a life full of endless dreams. Cody has always been one of the most inspiring people I know. He is a selfless individual and is someone I am proud to call one of my best friends. Since moving to Calgary I have been able to reconnect with him and get to know his family and the interactions they share . This day in age love is an unpredictable thing, so it is refreshing to see a couple who does it so genuinely.

Last Saturday they packed up the stroller, a lunch and invited me along on their family outing to the Calgary Corn maze. Despite the freezing cold weather and the crazy amounts of mud we all had a great time and I was able to capture some shots that sum up exactly the type of passion they share. Thank you for being such great friends and inspiring me to find the love you have.

A lil’ place called Bragg Creek

I love photography. I love the ability to capture someones personality and watch their reaction as they get to see the final images unveiled. I love finding the beauty in everyone and everything. Sometimes its a change of perspective, sometimes its a change of lighting, and sometimes you need nothing at all to capture the true essence of somebody’s elegance. Bragg Creek, Alberta was home of  the flawless backdrop on these shots, and a special thanks to mother nature who played her part, with one of the most beautiful sunsets you could ask for. Oh, And one more thing, Thanks to Michelle for letting me capture and show her the beauty she possess.

Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving weekend was filled with surprises, laughter, good food, and great people. I flew my brother in for the weekend to surprise my parents and give them a true “Family” thanksgiving. I am so blessed in having such amazing people in my life and the ability to share such great moments with them. While in town, my brother and I went for a walk around the area we spent our childhood. I of course had to bring my camera to capture the unusually nice weather we have been having for October.

After this weekend I realized there are many things I am thankful for in my life. Most of all my family, my friends, and my health. Hope you got to enjoy a weekend amongst people you truly care about.

Two of the greatest men in the world. My Dad and brother. 

Seek experiences, spend your hours dreaming, and enjoy your surroundings.

Ever since we were little, we have been learning the value of a dollar. Save your money, work hard for your money, earn your money. As we get older, there is this incessant desire for more. We eagerly await payday, take on extra jobs, and spend hours a day wondering how to make more money.

Something you don’t hear often is, forget about money. Those who are truly happy, don’t have everything, but they make the best out of everything they have. They spend their days seeking out experiences, they fill their hours dreaming, and they focus their energy on enjoying their surroundings.

As I was hiking in Canmore today, I noticed something that got me thinking. Why is it, that in a city where we spend most of our time, we regularly pass by strangers, but ignore their presence.

However, every person I passed while hiking today, kindly said hello and genuinely asked me how my day was. Imagine a world where people would take the time to acknowledge one another’s existence and reach out for a simple smile from a stranger. Imagine a place, where instead of being so consumed with yourself, you actually were able to connect with someone else. Imagine that instead of walking by a stranger silently unheard, you were able to make someone smile, with just a few simple words. Today, I experienced the selfless act of small conversation and I realized what a difference it can make. Thank you, to the many people who took the time to make me smile and ask “How I was” today.

Life’s simple things

What is Darkness without light? What is hot without cold? What is fast without slow? It’s the contrast between things that truly make life worth living. If you never fail, How will you know when you succeed? If you never feel pain, How will you truly know pleasure? In Alberta we are blessed with four distinct seasons. To some it’s the end, to others, its a brand new beginning. Take a moment and enjoy the beauty in our own back yard that Mother Nature has so delicately choreographed to inspire your soul.

It’s the simple things in life we so commonly forget to enjoy.

F a c e b o o k